The very first MedLearn product — and still our best-seller after more than 30 years — is Interventional Radiology Coder. Over the course of three decades, we’ve built on the success and popularity of this book by developing additional IR how-to resources, including several webcasts, coding charts and a second book, Essentials of Interventional Radiology Coding.

We believe MedLearn Publishing IR resources are “best in breed,” and many of our customers have told us the same thing. In addition, we’ve sought the opinions of top IR coding, billing and compliance experts — specifically, individuals who’ve used our IR resources in their consulting and teaching work.

Summary of Industry Expert Reviews…

The main value proposition: MedLearn Publishing’s IR resources help coders “connect the dots” — in other words, bridge the gap between clinical practice and the correct code assignments.

Why our resources are so uniquely effective: They’re concise and easily digestible, with content organized by service lines that enables users to efficiently zero in on the answers they need. Also, MedLearn is a real-world storyteller, using sample reports to drive home correct coding and billing practices. These examples describe frequently encountered and universal challenges — scenarios that customers can apply in their day-to-day work.

Example of value to team members: One common example is angiogram of the abdomen, which can be coded a number of different ways, depending on an individual’s anatomy, pathology and condition. Crucial coding decisions must be made (e.g., use of bundled codes vs. separately reportable services). Making the wrong choice or relying on the order entry system to “select” the code can expose the facility to the risk of audits, revenue loss or claim denials. MedLearn helps mitigate these risks by guiding team members seamlessly from clinical documentation to the correct codes.

How our resources compare to those available from the AMA, CMS, and other sources: One big advantage of MedLearn Publishing IR resources is how easy they are to navigate, in contrast with official sources that require a lot of time-consuming searching through massive volumes just to find one answer. In addition, users don’t have to struggle with the bureaucratic language contained in official sources; MedLearn resources explain complex topics in a clear, concise, user-friendly manner. Lastly, MedLearn does a better job of helping users keep their coding and billing aligned with current clinical practices — which are often three to four years ahead of official sources.

Benefits for new team members With high turnover and staff shortages, it’s more important than ever to get new team members up to speed as quickly as possible. MedLearn Publishing IR resources offer a proven way to shorten the learning curve, empowering new team members to perform proficiently and confidently in less time. With these resources, new staff also learn how to work collaboratively with their clinical and billing colleagues.

Benefits for more experienced staff: These resources can help seasoned individuals become better versions of themselves, deepening and extending their knowledge. Ultimately, they perform their jobs with greater effectiveness and with less risk to the organization.

Importance of using the most current resources: Continuous advances in medicine, as well as changes from payers and regulators, mean that coding and billing are constantly evolving. Even when the changes seem subtle or relatively minor, they can have huge compliance or revenue implications. For example, one small coding error resulting from outdated information can be very costly when repeated over and over.

Click here for detailed information about the full line-up of MedLearn Publishing IR resources.


Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson is a writer specializing in healthcare marketing and communications. During his career of more than 40 years, he has worked for clients in a variety of healthcare sectors, including information technology, publishing, audiology and dentistry. Since 1998, Bill has served as a writer and editor for MedLearn Publishing.

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