An inspiring story about rebranding a facility’s CDI department

To raise a torch to the strength of women working in healthcare I must share an introductory story on the transformation of a revitalized CDI Department that has pursued success through the strength of 23 women, and the celebrations are taking place daily. Not to undermine the contributions of our male co-workers, this story is one of empowering women that may inspire you to reach deep into your creative minds.

Many of us would describe an empowered woman in our industry as one who pre-orders the latest and greatest industry leading resource to ensure we have adopted the model of proven department success. Oddly, much of KHN’s transition to the winning CDI team has occurred because we have “lost our map.”   May I please encourage you to contemplate a few not-so-new theories, but unknown territories for many of us type AHIMers.

For starters, allow yourself to daydream. Gift yourself with a ride in your car and enjoy the silence. No audio books, no traffic reports, no repeat hits from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Allow your creative mind to ask itself, “What if we tried this….?”   “What if we kept doing that but tried it this way…?” As we started this exercise I often heard, “Oh, we have tried that, it didn’t work.” My answer, with a glowing mischievous smile, is…. “Well, let’s try it this way!” Stand firm on faith that ideas generated during a silent journey are fueled by YOUR inner creativity, YOUR inspiration reflected onto a mirror of now scripted thoughts that simply need action steps.

Next, take a self-analysis. Determine how YOU best fit into the big picture of this newly inspired screenplay. There are many personal assessment tools available. Our network utilized the DISC Workplace profile assessment. Stretch your arms out as far as they reach to the left and right, stand up as tall as your frame allows, and OWN the results. The next step can be rough, ladies, but it’s Required with a capital R. You must break free from fear.

Many inspirations delicately laid on the brains and hearts of women go untapped, laid to rest in a beautiful field of our favorite spring flowers. Because we are loving souls, we don’t want our ideas laid to rest in anything less than perfume-scented, soft fields of comfort, sprinkled with evolving colors of the seasons. But there our ideas lay motionless, and often forgotten. There is no more time to waste—throw the fear out the back window with the closest pitchfork you can locate, and prepare yourself for the final step.  Now you are ready to introduce your screenplay, and TAKE THE LEAD! Put your creative idea, absent of fear, into motion. Project it with yourself placed exactly how you best fit with your strength, whether it’s simply the author in need of actors, the director, or producer, but it’s on paper, in motion, joined by your team of peers that support you.

I am honored to be mentored by empowered women. I have learned there is no checklist on how to arrive, but I am enjoying defining my own path surrounded with a great amount of talent and desire to succeed. Let’s celebrate women in healthcare!


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