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I must admit, I’m not much of a hipster and I don’t know what a hashtag really is. I’ve tweeted once in my life, and it was for a very uncool purpose (I was at a conference and they had a gimmick where attendees could tweet songs they wanted to hear played in the conference halls; the music was very loud and inhibited networking; my sole tweet was asking the DJ to turn the music down).

But while I’m not particularly trendy, I do have a sense for what’s trending now in the ICD-10 world and the key topics being debated. Below is a list of the hot topics, in no particular order.

2014 Program Budget

It is budget season for many organizations and our clients’ ICD-10 programs are fighting for budget for 2014. Due to several factors, there seems to be a lot of internal strife as executives are asking for reduced funding for 2014 for ICD-10 programs (changing the trend from 2012 to 2013, which saw increased budgets), while ICD-10 program leaders are trying to retain as much budget as possible.


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