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Talk Ten Tuesdays
Question from Talk Ten Tuesdays listeners Answers from the Talk Ten Tuesday Panel
A lot of our physicians are interpreting the information and believe that a “nurse” can charge for telehealth or telemed. I have not seen anything stating this fact. Can you advise as to if you have seen anything that because of COVID-19…insurances are now allowing these fees for personnel other than physicians?  
We are currently assigning Z20.828 for patients who test negative for COVID-19 per AHA webinar last week. What code did you say should be used for cases that test negative? The code for screening for COVID-19 where the results are negative and the patient has no symptoms is Z11.59.
If we hold claims for COVID 19 does the provider need to add an addendum to include the positive or negative results at a later date?  
In case you need a question- To get the 20% increase in the DRG for COVID, does the claim simply need U07.1 on it? What if it is a patient who had urgent colon cancer surgery and their COVID test was positive post-op but they had no symptoms?  
Are you saying that sepsis should be sequenced first in the presence of COVID-19  
The patient is admitted with COVID-19 infection with pneumonia and is HIV+. Our encoder takes it to HIV infection, is this correct?  
Can “possible COVID” cases documented at the time of discharge be coded with U07.1 IF the chart is held and the COVID test result comes back positive after discharge?  The AHA is recommending that organization hold their accounts that have COVID-19 testing so that you can assign the correct code. According to the recent update to the guidelines, the positive test is enough documentation to assign U07.1. Cases that are presumptive positive may be coded as U07.1.  Click here for a recent update to the guidelines.
What is the percentage for false positive for COVID19?  
If a pregnant patient comes in without symptoms do we use the Z11.59 or should it be an O code first -O98.5 – provider didn’t link as any complication. A recent AHA webinar stated that the guidelines for pregnancy must be followed.  Click here for a recent update to the guidelines.
Uncertain COVID-19 noted, test pending at discharge. The test returns positive after discharge. Query or code as U07.1? If the test is returned positive, you can assign U07.1. The Cooperating Parties made an exception for COVID-19 that the test result is enough documentation to assign U07.1.  Click here for a recent update to the guidelines.
If tests are so unreliable (30%?) and everyone needs TWO – why are we testing? and not just TREATING?  

Chuck Buck

Chuck Buck is the publisher of RACmonitor and is the program host and executive producer of Monitor Monday.

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