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People sometimes ask about my background and what qualifies me to talk about ICD-10. Let me start at the beginning. I was raised by wolves, but ran away to join the circus at 4. Wait, that’s probably going too far back. No, what qualifies me to talk about ICD-10 was that in one of my past lives, I was an U.S. Air Force pilot flying fast jets. So how does this possibly relate to ICD-10? For every mission I flew, we maintained a strict flight planning routine that I think has some parallels to the ICD-10 transition.

Before each mission, we first checked the weather. That’s important stuff, because big black clouds are not conducive to flight operations when your wingman is three feet away flying at 500 knots. For ICD-10, this relates to “checking the weather” in your own theater of operations. Is the environment sunny and clear so you are able to do what you need to, or is the organizational culture dark and dangerous because your team just isn’t ready to accept this important project?


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