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Gloryanne Bryant

With fewer than 17 months to go before the ICD-10 go-live date, we have lots to accomplish and much to get in place. Individual practices, healthcare vendors, providers and health plans all are busy with readiness activities. Many professional associations also are helping with the preparing of the healthcare industry workforce at large, especially in the health information management coding arena.

The California Health Information Association (CHIA), an affiliate of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), has been providing a variety of ICD-10 education and training programs for two years now, and it will continue to do so up to and after the go-live date. Via articles in its newsletter, seminars, Webinars and even coding tip sheets, CHIA through its volunteer structure has been driving education and training efforts across the state. The association’s tip sheets in particular have been helpful in boosting the education and training of their members and others. The CHIA Coding and Data Quality Committee has developed three different ICD-10 tip sheets in all: ICD-10-CM (diagnosis), ICD-10-PCS (procedure coding system), and anatomy tips. In addition, CHIA has published many articles relating to ICD-10 and other coding topics on the following website: http://californiahia.org/coding-and-data-quality-cdq

On this site there also is a link to a ICD-10 Training Tools and Resources page where you can find the aforementioned coding tips posted; to access it go online to http://californiahia.org/icd-10-cmpcs. The articles and tips are updated monthly. Here’s an example of a tip on diagnosis coding.

To date the tips focusing on anatomy have covered the following subjects:

Structures of the Heart                   Trigeminal Nerve (CN 5)

Circulatory System                         Carpal Bones

Joints                                         Nose and Nasal Cavities

Kidney                                 Anatomical Body Positions

Blood and Blood-Forming Organs

We know that a strong foundation in the area of health sciences is key to understanding the new code set. Here is the tip that has been published on the anatomy of the kidney:

Again, other educational events offered by CHIA have included both seminars and Webinars, which are available both to members and the general population or nonmembers. In addition, at the CHIA annual convention in June many coding-related topics are scheduled to be discussed, including ICD-10 (with a particular focus on learning more about the code set and general readiness). This convention is also open to CHIA members and nonmembers alike. Here is the link to the events calendar Web page, which provides information regarding ongoing events: http://www.californiahia.org/events-calendar.

CHIA currently is hosting an ICD-10-PCS Procedure Coding Fundamentals seminar. Recently CHIA held a “sister” seminar on ICD-10-CM coding fundamentals, the fourth in a series. Visit the CHIA website for more information and details at http://www.californiahia.org.

Also listen to the next Talk-Ten-Tuesday program, during which several of these tip sheets will be discussed with the audience. Be sure to check out the websites of CHIA, AHIMA and other professional associations for many resources and tools to help prepare for ICD-10.

About the Author

Gloryanne Bryant, serves as a volunteer leader on many levels including for the California Health Information Association (CHIA) where she current serves as its president.  Gloryanne has also served several national positions for AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association). As a Health Information Management Practitioner in the HIM/Coding arena, she was served a three-year term on the Council on Accreditation for AHIMA and on the AHA Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) on ICD-9-CM for AHA Coding Clinic.

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