Survey Results

Is there a child or youth in your family or circle that is dealing with mental health issues?

Audience Response
Yes 52.71%
No 47.29%


Are there efforts at your hospital to decrease your avoidable days?

Audience Response
Yes 64.24%
No 0.66%
Unsure 17.22%
Does Not Apply 17.88%


Do you know the top avoidable day reason at your hospital or health system?

Audience Response
Yes 31.67%
No 44.44%
We do not track avoidable days 2.78%
Does Not Apply 21.11%


Is your employer making contributions to support SDoH initiatives this year?

Audience Response
Yes 36.75%
No 7.69%
Unsure 55.56%


Do you think health insurance companies are giving enough in charity care for your community?

Audience Response
Yes 9.04%
No 67.55%
Unsure 23.4%


Do you think your hospital and/or health system is giving enough in charity care for your community?

Audience Response
Yes 56.58%
No 7.89%
Unsure 25.44%
Does Not Apply 10.09%


Is your hospital or health system ready for all the 2023 CMS changes?

Audience Response
Yes 24.07%
No 21.3%
Unsure 41.67%
Does Not Apply 12.96%


Have you seen a change in security presence at your organization since the increased violence with hospitals across the country?

Audience Response
Yes 38.76%
No 24.81%
Unsure 22.09%
Does Not Apply 14.34%


Are your health systems having difficulty with social admissions because of a lack of permanent supportive housing?

Audience Response
Yes 53.88%
No 5.48%
Unsure 29.22%
Does Not Apply 11.42%


Do you think hospital readmissions is still an important measure for CMS to track for inpatient hospital quality initiatives under the HRRP?

Audience Response
Yes 45.05%
No 36.94%
Unsure 18.02%


How familiar are you with the 988-crisis line?

Audience Response
Yes, I am aware of the 988-crisis line 25.58%
Yes, I am aware and there is marketing in my community for people to utilize 988 12.4%
I was somewhat aware of this line 22.87%
No, this is new to me 39.15%


Were any of you familiar with or have utilized your state-run Money Follows the Person program (i.e., Finding Home, My Place)?

Audience Response
Yes, I was already aware of this program 9.09%
No, this program is new to me 90.91%


Should we continue the route of reporting z codes as a coding process in line with our current coding procedures or should there be a separate means for capturing SDoH data?

Audience Response
Keep it the same (current z codes) 30.11%
Create a new mechanism for SDoH data 25.81%



Are your local SNFs or is your health system seeing either SNFs not taking patients despite the waiver for the 3-day stay or are they overusing this waiver by filling their beds with their existing patients to bill for a SNF stay? Audience Response
Under utilizing the 3-day waiver 10.61%
Over utilizing the 3-day waiver 5.05%
Appropriate use of the 3-day waiver 12.63%
Unsure 50.51%
Does not apply 21.21%


Are you in favor of a new hospital designation by CMS, the REH – Rural Emergency Hospitals?

Audience Response
Yes 26.25%
No 11.88%



Has your hospital or health system incorporated some type of community support around trauma support services or trauma informed care?

Audience Response
Yes 43.52%
No 6.22%



Are you still using virtual care for your health care services?

Audience Response
Returned to In-Person 17.28%
Using a Hybrid Model (In-Person and Virtual) 80.63%
Virtual Only



Do you think the CMS payment system that Maryland has for total cost of care could be replicated in other states?

Audience Response
Yes 30.9%
No 12.36%



Do you think gun violence is also a healthcare issue?

Audience Response
Yes 74.03%
No 17.83%



Do you think Medicaid should help cover SDoH services for their recipients such as housing and food support?

Audience Response
Yes 50.68%
No 24.89%



Are you seeing increases in COVID cases in your area?

Audience Response
Yes, increase 66.04%
No, decrease 9.7%
About the Same 17.91%
Unsure 6.34%


Is your hospital or healthcare system making efforts to support the mental health of their workforce?

Audience Response
Yes 70.45%
No 10%
Unsure 12.73%
Does Not Apply 6.82%


Is your organization starting to and/or working on improving quality of care and health outcomes for maternal care?

Audience Response
Yes 40.38%
No 0.96%
Unsure 32.21%
Does Not Apply 26.44%


Are the SDoH, z codes being coded at your health system to the best of your knowledge?
(Based on the 2019 national average of 1.59%)

Audience Response
Greater than national average 9.83%
Same as national average 13.29%
Less than national average 8.09%
Not Sure/Unknown 68.79%


What is the impact your organization could have as a result of the Skilled Nursing Facility Prospective Payment System proposed rule?

Audience Response
Great Impact 23.03%
Some Impact 42.42%
Not really Impacted 16.97%
No Impact 17.58%


How many of you are you personally struggling or know of others in your community that struggle with access to primary care services?

Audience Response
Frequently a problem 20.78%
Somewhat a problem 35.06%
Not really a problem 30.74%
No problem at all 13.42%


Do you think the current process of obtaining advance directive information in your health system is having an impact on your hospitals outcomes? Audience Response
Highly Likely 8.9%
Likely 23.56%
Neutral 41.36%
Unlikely 23.56%
Highly Unlikely 2.62%


How many of you think that skilled nursing facilities will be prepared to increase staffing ratios for patient care by the end of the year? Audience Response
Highly Likely 0.82%
Likely 2.87%
Neutral 9.02%
Unlikely 41.8%
Highly Unlikely 45.49%


Are you concerned about the impact social media has on our children and youths’ mental wellbeing?

Audience Response
Yes 95.86%
No 1.88%



Is your hospital or health system celebrating and recognizing Black History Month?

Audience Response
Yes 65.74%
No 23.61%
Does not apply



Has your hospital or health system used or is using Aunt Bertha now named Findhelp?

Audience Response
This is new to me 59.22%
No, but I am going to check it out 15.08%
Yes, we are using this program 5.59%
Does not apply



Which aim do you think your healthcare organization is following?

Audience Response
Neither we are still very managed care 8.59%
The Triple Aim (patient experience, population health, and cost of health care) 20.86%
The Quadruple Aim (adding employee satisfaction) 23.31%
The Quintuple Aim (adding health equity)


Does not apply



Are you in favor of legal actions to protect 340B drug discounts

Audience Response
Yes 50.93%
No 1.86%
Do not know 31.06%
Does not apply 16.15%


How many of you are impacted by significant staffing shortages? Audience Response
Greatly impacted 43.57%
Moderately impacted 38.01%
Not really impacted 9.36%
Does not apply 9.06%

How much of a problem is opioid abuse for your patient populations? Audience Response
Not at all 2.9%
Somewhat 21.01%
Considerable 28.99%
Do not know 33.33%
Does not apply 13.77%


How often do the patients served by your organization face challenges in accessing their medications: Audience Response
25% of the time 16.07%
50% of the time 14.88%
>50% 2.38%
Not at all 4.17%
Do not know 62.5%


How much of a concern is access to appropriate care (whether inpatient or outpatient) for populations served by your organization: Audience Response
25% of the time 21.15%
50% of the time 7.05%
>50% 29.49%
Not at all 9.62%
Do not know 32.69%


My organization captures SDoH data using the ICD-10 CM Z Codes Audience Response
Most of the time 24.34%
Some of the time 14.29%
Not at all 3.7%
Does not apply 7.41%
Do not know 50.26%


How much does your organization rely on grant funding to address gaps in care (e.g., create, expand programs or services) Audience Response
A great deal 11.6%
Somewhat 22.1%
Not at all 6.08%
Does not apply 8.84%
Do not know 51.38%


When doing a voluntary refund to Medicare, how far back should you go? Audience Response
One Year 17.19%
Three Years 24.43%
Four Years 1.81%
Five years after the year in which payment was made 41.21%
Six Years 28.96%
Ten Years 4.52%


Does your hospital or agency refer patients to safety-net clinics or community health centers? Audience Response
Yes 31.32%
No 13.19%
Does not apply 14.29%
Do not know 41.21%


Has your organizations seen a rise in patients with Medicare Advantage plans? Audience Response
Yes 63.19%
No 1.1%
Does not apply 7.69%
Do not know 28.02%


Is your facility/program experiencing discharge or follow-up appointment delays for patients awaiting mental health treatment? Audience Response
Yes 34.47%
No 5.68%
Does not apply 14.02%
Do not know 45.83%


The most shift has been noted in the percentage of patients with: Audience Response
All of the above 13.87%
Uninsured 12.14%
Public insurance plans 14.45%
Private insurance plans 5.78%
Do not know 53.76%


What percentage of your patient population would benefit from an onsite food is medicine market or pharmacy? Audience Response
Do not know 45.5%
25% 10.16%
50% 17.11%
75% or more 12.3%
Does not apply 14.97%


How familiar are you with the most and least advantaged populations served by your organization, hospital, or agency ?: Audience Response
Does not apply 11.72%
Very familiar 17.97%
Somewhat familiar 42.97%
Unfamiliar 27.34%


How are ambulatory surgeries and elective procedures impacted by the latest COVID wave at your facility or agency? Audience Response
No impact 14.09%
Minimal impact (<25% delays or cancellations) 30.45%
Moderate impact (50% delays or cancellations) 21.36%
Major impact (75% delays or cancellations) 11.82%
Does not apply 22.27%