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I feel I may be in danger of developing some sort of mental health disorder as a result of the rollercoaster that is ICD-10. I’m sure I’ve experienced every emotion possible, from elation to the depths of depression and sorrow. The latter was just a matter of days ago with the announcement that ICD-10 would be delayed yet again. And I’m quite sure I’m not the only one. But that raging optimist that lives within me keeps me focused on the finish line and the ultimate prize: quality healthcare data.

I’m not going to waste anyone’s time with the same talking points. By now, you’ve read them a thousand times in a hundred different ways. We know the ramifications of a delay for those of us who were well down the implementation path. And we know what a relief this is for those of us who were not on target to make the date. There are always two sides: a light and a dark. So I’d like to posit that we change our focus from the benefits and challenges associated with ICD-10 and instead look at what the barriers are to implementing ICD-10.


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