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Halfway through my morning drive to the office, it slowly dawns on me: this is the day! Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014. Today it starts. ICD-10 is here! I wonder what I will find when I get to the office.

Will everyone be in an uproar? Reflecting on my preparation, I realize I could have done better. I breezed through that webinar, and it seemed pretty easy. I already do a pretty good job of documenting. Fortunately, I am not an orthopedist, so I think the change for me will be pretty minimal. That time I spent looking at the new EHR interface did not leave me with any great concerns. Okay, admittedly, I just went through one encounter, but it seemed to work just fine. That one prescription caused a little trouble, but the trainer told me the EHR people were working on it, so it should be fixed by today.

I wonder again how things are going. Images of frustrated staff huddled together, gnashing teeth and wringing their hands, cross my mind, so I am relieved when I arrive to see that it seems to be business as usual. I am going to find my office manager right away and seek a little reassurance.


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