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One of the biggest challenges we face as we prepare for ICD-10 is getting providers engaged. Too many of my colleagues view this transition as an administrative function or a coding initiative. They lack an appreciation for, and understanding of, how this code set implementation is going to affect their daily routines. That is not to say that it is too late to gain their attention and involve them in preparation and training for the changes ahead.

If you are responsible for seeing to it that your providers are prepared, I am sure that you are already researching and offering program-specific training to your physicians and other providers. If you have not already made considerable progress on this front, I strongly encourage you to quicken your pace, as time is running short.

As a provider, I know our attention span for administrative matters can be short. Yes, you can get us fired up about ICD-10 today, and we will start our training next week with fervor. However, by next month, or Oct. 1, our interest, recall, and concern may be flagging. To help counter this, I would suggest that you prepare some visual reminders to keep this transition on the front burner for your providers.

Consider creating an ICD-10 countdown schedule, with a simple poster for each of the following 10 steps. We have about 10 months before the transition, so the start of a 10-step countdown seems logical. Print these reminder flyers and place them sequentially in prominent locations in your workplace where your nurses, physicians, PAs and NPs will see them. By continuing the countdown every few weeks, the flyers will create interest, making staff curious to see what the next number on the countdown reveals.


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