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Although ICD-10 implementation experts gained momentum to meet the ICD-10 compliance date of Oct. 1, 2014 after a delay was announced in 2013, they are once again in limbo.

If you’ve been entrenched in ICD-10 since January 2009, when a scheduled implementation was first announced, do your best to maintain your health despite the recent congressional vote to pass H.R. 4302, titled “Protecting Access to Medicare.” The decision to add one fateful line in this bill generated sighs of relief for many providers, and conversely sighs of exasperation for those who have been working hard to address the biggest transformation to impact healthcare in the last 34 years.

Implementing a massive mandate such as this, having no real end date, can drain organizations that in some cases have invested millions of dollars to be compliant. Still, those who have begun earnest efforts to comply with the federal mandate to implement ICD-10 must take heart. They must resist the temptations to stop all efforts, reallocate resources to competing priorities, and shelve ICD-10 altogether until the new deadline … whenever that may be. They must combat mental and physical fatigue to continue working on something that never seems to end.


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